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Taiji Quan Curriculum at Authentic Kung Fu

    Noi Kung Chi Kung
    Wai Kung Chi Kung
    Lao Jia (the Long Form of Yang Banhou)
    Shou Fa (hand striking, blocking, deflecting, trapping, grabbing)
    Tui Fa (foot and leg, kicking, blocking, trapping)
    Swai (throws and takedowns)
    Qin Na (locks, nerve pressing, holds, chokes and disarticulation of joints)
    The Two Person Set (based on Yang Shaohou's version)
    Jian (the straight sword)
    Ding Bu Tui Shou (fixed step push hands)
    Dong Bu Tui Shou (free step push hands)
    San Shou (self defense)
    Pao Chui (Canon Fist Form of Yang Banhou)

At Authentic Kung-Fu, Taiji takes its place alongside other combat arts, such as Praying Mantis and Wing Chun. In fact, they regularly compete against each other, serving to mutually sharpen their respective Kung-Fu skills.

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