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Kung-Fu Definitions and Explanations

The Master said, "If a man keeps cherishing his old knowledge, so as continually to be acquiring new, he may be a teacher of others."

Often Used Terms:

Class Position & Rank:

  1. Sidai: Male classmate who joined after you
  2. Simui: Female classmate who joined after you
  3. Sihing: Male classmate who joined before you
  4. Sijeh: Female classmate who joined before you
  5. Sifu: Your teacher
  6. Sisuk Teacher's Sidai
  7. Sibak: Teacher's Sihing
  8. Sigung: Your teacher's teacher
  9. Sijoh: Teacher of Sigung
  10. Todei: Students
  11. Tosuen: Students of your students
  12. Tong Moon: Follower of the same style
School Shrine and Ceremonies:

  1. Sun Toi: School Shrine
  2. Kow Tow: Bow
  3. Gen Lai: Salute
  4. Moon How: School Entrance Shrine that reflects respect for all outside the school.
  5. Dei Jiu: Tablet that commemorates the spirit of the school itself.
  6. Guan Gung: Patron Saint of Martial Arts, Literature, Wealth. Also known for his loyality to others and his Gung Fu skills.
  7. Fook: Symbol of Bat often seen on Sun Toi (Fook means either bat or luck).
  8. Five Blessings: Health, Long Life, Love of Virtue, Riches, Natural Death
  9. Lycee: Gift money
  10. Gum Fa: Feathers Used As Adornment of Ancestors
  11. Jo Si: All Ancestors Before Si Gung honored by Sun Toi.
Seven Star Praying Mantis Terminology

The Eight Hard Ways (Ba Gong Sao)
Special thanks to Sifu Brendan Lai and Sifu Henry Chung
The Ba Gong Sao of Praying Mantis are methods which end a fight quickly. They do, like all hard techniques, require a greater degree of power or strength to be effective. Though represented by single techniques, they actually stand for categories of movement.
1 Tai San Ngat Ding "Mountain Tai Falls On The Inscense Burner"
(Chopping Down Motions)
2 Ying Mien Jik Tong "Punching Straight To The Face"
(Straight Forward Motions)
3 Sun Bo Seung Jeung "Advancing Body With Double Palms"
(Double Palm Motions)
4 Dip Gow An Gong "Sticking And Elbowing Hard"
(Upward and Downward Elbow Breaking Motions)
5 Tip Moon Kau Bei "Sticking To The Door Leaning Hard"
(Ramping Techniques)
6 An Bong Fok Tsai "Strike Hard Above And Kick Below"
(Illusive Techniques)
7 Chor Yau Seung Gwan "Left and Right Hooking Attacks"
(Confusing Techniques)
8 Sut Sao Lun Fun "Blocking Midline Attacks To The Side Then Chopping"
(Midline Defensive Motions)

The Twelve Soft Ways (Sup Yee Yau)
Special thanks to Sifu Brendan Lai and Sifu Henry Chung
The Twelve Soft Ways are methods for fighting an opponent who is stronger and more durable than you. Note that due to the reflexive nature of the Chinese verb "Yee" used in these passages, sometimes indicates that both sides, offense and defense, have benefit from these movements. These will be noted.
1 Jen Gong Yee
Wui Sao
"Encounter Hard Motions, Then Withdraw Hands" (Motions Involving Flexible Wrists)
2 Yup Sao Yee
Tou Sao
"If Attacked, Then Reach The Opponent First" (Attacking Without Blocking)
3 Tip Sao Yee
Gwan Sao
"If Intercepted, Then Bend The Elbow To Roll Around And Continue Without Withdrawal" (Continous Attacking Tactics)
4 Gwan Sao Yee
Lau Sao
"Upon Encountering An Elbow Bend Maneuver, Then Sip Around The Arm To Attack" (Continous Attacking Tactics)
5 Jik Tong Yee
Au Sao
"Upon Encountering A Straight Punch, Then Use A Tap With Diu Sao" (Going With An Opponents Force)
6 Choy Sao Yee
Yup Sao
"If Hooked, Then Attack With The Opposite Hand"
"If You Have Hooked, Then Attack With The Opposite Hand"
(Motions Involving The Diu Sao Technique)
7 Lao Sao Yee
Jeun Sao
"If Pulled, Then Attack With The Opposite Hand"
"If You Are Pulling Then Attack With The Opposite Hand"
(Motions Involving The Lau Sao Technique)
8 Goy Sao Yee
Yup Sao
"Rotate Around The Bridge Arm To Open The Inside Then Attack"
9 Tok Sao Yee
Yup Sao
"Supress The Bridge Arm Then Attack"
"If One Arm Is Supressed Attack With The Free Hand"
10 Tieu Sao Yee
Yup Sao
"Deflect An Attack Upward Then Attack"
"If Deflected Upward Then Attack With The Free Hand"
11 Hoy Sao Yee
Dip Sao
"Open The Opponents Inside Gates Then Attack Close Inside"
12 Jim Sao Yee
Pau Sao
"If The Opponent Sticks Then Attack His Wrists"

Hand Techniques (Sao Fot)
1. Au: Hook
2. Lau: Grapple
3. Choi: Pull
4. Kwa: Block
5. Dieu: Intercept
6. Bung: Chop
7. Gim: Contact
8. Lim: Cling
9. Tip: Tag
10. Kau: Lean
11. Seen: Dodge
12. Teng Nau: Bounce
13. Tsor: Dent
14. Tong: Straight Forward
15. Tieu: Ward Off
16. Fong: Grab
17. Bo: Supplement
18. Huen: Circle
19. Tsai Pek: Powerful Chop
20. Chin: Wrap
21. Tau: Filch
22. Lau: Slip
23. Fan: Flutter
24. Deang: Prop
25. Bong: Topple
26. Tsiu: Sieze
27. Hu: Strike
28. Tai: Hang
29. Ban: Spring
30. Tuh: Cast Off
31. Tsau: Sprout
Stances (Ma Kung) and Stepping (Bo Fot)

1. Chow Sing Bo: Seven Star Stance
2. Yup Wan Bo: Circle Entering Stance
3. Reun Hau Bo: Monkey Stance
4. Tau Bo: Filching Stance
5. Kwa Fu Bo: Tiger Riding Stance
6. Tun Top Bo: Collasping Stance
7. Tshu Bo: Mouse Stance
8. Jung Bo: Leg Bouncing Stance
9. Deng San Ma: Hill Climbing Stance
10. Chi Ma Sik: Horse Riding Stance
11. Tai Ma: Leg Hanging Stance
12. Bouy Tek Ma: Back Kicking Stance
13. Sup Jee Ma: Cross Stance
14. Deng Bop Sik: Toppling Stance
15. Lau Ma: Cross-Leg Stance
16. Bop Towie: Proping Stance
17. Dip Bo: Attention Stance
18. Chip Bo: Withdraw Stance
Kicks (Towie Fot)

1. Cha Towie: Leg Bumping Kick
2. Cho Towie: Leg Sprouting Kick
3. Bop Towie: Leg Proping Kick
4. Bai Moon Towie: Door Shutting Kick
5. Seun Fon Towie: Whirlwind Kick
6. Seo Tong Towie: Leg Squating Kick
7. Bai Lin Towie: Lotus Layout Kick
8. Dan Fei Towie: Single Leg Soaring Kick
9. Sup Jee Towie: Cross Kick
10. Toe Tan Towie: Spring Filching Kick
11. Chin Sum Towie: Chest-Piercing Kick
12. Toe Bo Deng Bop Towie: Toppling Kick/Filching Stance
13. Kwa Jeung Towie: Upward Block/Bumping Kick
Palm Techniques (Jeung Fot)

1. Um Yum Jeung: Positive and Negative Palm
2. Feung Jeung: Haulting Palm
3. Fan Mien Jeung: Reverse Palm
4. Gwun Lao Jeung: Slip Rolling Palm
5. Feng Jeung: Propping Palm
6. Cho Jeng: Filing Palm
7. Tou Jeung: Filching Palm
8. Tieu Jeung: Brushing Palm
9. Fan Yieu Jeung: Waist Chopping Palm
10. Kwa Mien Jeung: Upward Block / Thrusting Palm
11. Heun Jeung: Round House Palm
12. Muy Fa Jeung: Plum Blossom Palm
13. Seung An Jeung: Double Pressing Palm
14. Dip Jeung Jeung: Chipping Palm
15. Seung Moon Jeung: Double Door Palm
16. Fan Tien Jeung: Overwhelming Palm
17. Chop Jeung: Thrusting Palm
18. Moy Peu Jeung: Millstone Palm
Fist Method (Kuen Fot)
1. Au Lau Choi Tong Choi: Hook, Grapple, Pluck, Punch
2. Chou Sing Bo Choi: 7 Star Supplementary Punch
3. Huen Choi: Round House Punch
4. Bung Choi: Back Chopping Punch
5. Chuen Choi: Drilling Punch
6. Deng Chi Choi: Navel Propping Punch
7. Cho Choi: Filing Punch
8. Wo Toh Choi: Belly Caving Punch
9. Feng Tong Choi: Grappling Punch
10. Tieu Tong Choi: Ward Off Punch
11. Die Huen Choi: Lower Round House Punch
12. Bien Choi: Whipping Punch
13. Tou Sum Choi: Chest Piercing Punch
14. Fan Che Choi: Scoop Wheel Punch
15. Lok Lok Choi: Wheeling Punch
16. Fan Bien Choi: Whip Hooking Punch
17. Dai Da Choi: Lower Sweeping Punch
18. Seung Jong Choi: Double Bumping Punch
19. Pek Choi: Chopping Punch
20. Siu Fan Che Choi: Little Scoop Wheel Fist
21. Tsai Choi: Power Forcing Fist
22. Kwa Tong Choi: Upward Block & Punch
23. Sup Jee Choi: Cross Fist
24. Da Hu Choi: Tiger Striking Fist
25. Trung Ping Pow Choi: Shoot Up Fist
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