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Training at Authentic Kung-Fu and at Wu-Shu Association schools stress real-world application of technique. Authentic Kung-Fu schools do not stress tournament competition for either form or tournament sparring. Far too many Chinese martial arts schools today have become no more than "form schools" where performance of routines is equated with martial ability. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though physical health, mental well being, and character development are quite possible from such a pursuit the ability to apply the art should not be minimized or one of the facets that have made Kung-Fu legendary is lost.

Likewise the pursuit of tournament sparring trophies, which may assist in celebrating the mastery of a narrow band of techniques, has little to do with either combat or Chinese martial arts, (although sparring is done at Authentic Kung-Fu and its benefits are realized). If tournament sparring assisted in mastery of combat technique every special operations and military unit in the world would do it as a facet of training. To date, no elite unit in the world uses those parameters as useful measures. There is a valuable lesson in this for martial artists today.

Neither are Authentic Kung-Fu schools simple "combat gyms" where one wins by any means. The dedication to the distinctly Chinese art of Kung-Fu precludes this. At Authentic Kung-Fu the skills of Ging Gung, Ma Gung, Bo Fot, Chi Gung are emphasized and developed into the means of self defense. It is not simply the memorization of technique, rather it is developing qualities in the individual that make them a more formidable fighter. The qualities are then expressed through method of the distinct art forms of either Praying Mantis or Wing Chun.

A defining aspect of Authentic Kung-Fu schools is that skill or Kung is not simply developed and acknowledged. At Authentic Kung-Fu schools students utilize methods that demand that selected skills be used in a combat format at every class. This approach, combined with the unique training regimen of Authentic Kung-Fu, ensures that every student develops self defense skills and refines them even as they refine their personal physical and perceptive qualities and Kung-Fu technique.

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