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Hard Target PDS

Hard Target Personal Defense Systems is the creation of Sifu Steve Cottrell. It is a means by which average citizens can make themselves less likely to be a victim of violent crime and, should they be the subject of an attack, make themselves more likely to survive.

The system is both the result of research and experience. Steve Cottrell has served as an investigator, a security specialist, a federal law enforcement officer and an instructor for both military special operations and counterterrorist units. With this experience, he combined research spanning hundreds of cases determing what people did both right and wrong in encounters. The result is a comprehenisve program that clearly outlines principles that average people can employ to make themselves safer, regardless of the circumstances.

Since its creation in 1995, Hard Target PDS has been taught to various groups and individuals. The results have been so convincing that in 1997 Hard Target PDS became the first personal safety program in the US to be endorsed by a Health Maintenence Organization and recommended to its clients, Harris HMO, Dallas / Fort Worth.

Hard Target has several factors that make it superior to other "anti mugging" or "self defense" programs:

1. It can be tailored to cover any venue or a variety of venues. (ie. travel, home, workplace, vehicles to name a few)

2. It can be tailored to meet any special group need, (elderly, physically challenged, youth)

3. The program is completely mobile and can be held anywhere in the US.

4. It can be tailored to meet any size group.

5. It really works...

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