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The Association

The purpose of the Association is to provide consistent, traditional training in Kung-Fu that preserves the entirety of the art. Focused training and strict standards are combined with Authentic Kung-Fu's approach to application to give instructors a flexible and exciting curriculum that meets the needs of today's students.
The Association provides training opportunities and a body of artists who are not as concerned with politics as they are with learning and practicing Kung-Fu. The Association offers training in both the United States and Mainland China with some of the world's most knowledgable martial artists.

The History

Authentic Kung-Fu's Association was brought about by the overwhelming response to the tape series Wing Chun For Combat and the "Wing Chun Master's Series," produced by AJT Video Productions. The tape series, which sells in Canada, Europe, the US, and recently in Hong Kong and New Zealand, evidenced a martial arts community eager for application rather than theory-laden training. "One part theory and nine of application," Sifu Cottrell is fond of saying.

Instructors who bought the tape series called with questions about techniques, training opportunities and the unique approach to teaching Wing Chun used by Authentic Kung-Fu. The association has both Wing Chun and Tanglang schools as members.

Membership Benefits

Members receive discounts on seminars, T-Shirts and merchandise, training tapes, and more. Instructors get to train with other sifu, progress in their art and expose their students to the positive side of martial arts association. Associated schools will get exposure through the internet, an international newsletter and other media. Students and instructors alike can have certification of training or achievement.

Those who run commercial schools have the opportunity to freely share marketing and business information as well as tips on student retention and the host of responsibilities held by those who teach traditional Kung-Fu to the public. The propagation of traditional Kung-Fu demands training methods and business practices that enable the Kwoon to flourish in today’s society. Authentic Kung-Fu schools have those methods.

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